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PayWise Limited, an electronic money issuer licensed by the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago, is revolutionising the way you make payments. And the way you earn rewards.

We know that reducing expenses is a top priority for all businesses, that’s why our mobile app is free to download and our payment system comes with minimum fees. We also know that everyone appreciates rewards, so we’ve designed incentives that reward users whenever transactions are conducted.

PayWise is committed to delivering secure, flexible, contactless solutions for businesses and individuals. Join our growing network today and change the way you pay.

PayWise Limited, a payment service provider licensed by the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago, is revolutionising the way you make payments. And the way you earn.

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Our Benefits
Card payments

Accept card payments with the greatest of ease! Make card payments from within the PayWise App.

Easy eCommerce Installation

No installation costs or service fees. Just download the app to your mobile device, install the plugin on your website and start receiving payments with ease!

Pay bills and buy top-ups

Pay bills and buy phone top-ups from the convenience of the app.

Quick access to your money

Transfer payments received to your bank account and gain access to your money by the next working day.

Earn Rewards as you spend

Get rewards with every transaction. Through our referral programme, refer persons or businesses to use PayWise and earn rewards whenever they send and receive payments.

Convenient and contactless

No physical contact with online transactions. Get things done wherever you are, whenever you need to with convenient, contactless payments.

Revolutionising mobile payments
1. Make payments

Shop online. Pay bills. Send a payment to a friend. Make payments from within the PayWise app using your card or cash. With a few clicks your payment is made directly to the account of your recipient without delay.

2. Receive payments

Get paid. Whether you’re collecting customer payments or getting paid from a colleague, have access to your money immediately. Receive payments directly through the app or using our ecommerce integration.

3. Request payments

Follow up on payments. Make a request through the PayWise app and have a friendly reminder sent to the customer’s or person’s mobile device in an instant.

4. Load wallet

Top up your wallet from your card within the app or at a PayWise agent.

Get Started

Life gets a whole lot easier when you can make contactless purchases online, pay bills and make other payments with a card or digital cash.

Bonus: Earn rewards when users you refer transact payments.

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Business looks a lot more viable when your customers can conveniently make their payments online or offline with or without a card.

Even better: Pay less fees when you receive payments and rewards by referring users.

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for PayWise by completing the registration form in a few easy steps



your acount by submitting the required documents



and receive payments from your PayWise wallet



our eCommerce integration to accept payments online